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How to Play 3 Patti War on Teen Patti Master

Play new casino sensation, “3 Patti War,” exclusively available on the Teen Patti Master apk. Here you can easily earn money with just some good tips and tricks and by responsible playing. 3 Patti War is currently the trending game in the Teen Patti Master App and is producing great returns for players.

Rules of 3 Patti War

3 Patti War introduces a unique twist to the traditional Indian teen patti game, offering players an engaging and rewarding experience. Here’s how it works:

Rules of 3 Patti War

Group Distribution:

Picture a casino table adorned with four distinct groups, each graced with three cards. The dealer, a pivotal figure in this game, also receives three cards. Concealed from prying eyes, these cards set the stage for the upcoming showdown.

Placing Your Bet:

Channel your intuition and judgment by placing your bet on the group you believe holds the upper hand among the four. This decision will determine the course of your potential winnings.

The Unveiling:

As the moment of truth arrives, the dealer dramatically reveals her own card. Following this dramatic act, the dealer proceeds to unveil the cards within each group. The group boasting the strongest combination outshining the dealer emerges victorious.

Winning Combinations:

Abiding by the traditional rules of the Indian teen patti game, the hierarchy of winning combinations remains unchanged. A trail holds the highest value, while a high card represents the lowest rank in the pecking order.


Victory yields a bountiful reward. If your chosen group outperforms the dealer, your winnings multiply threefold—three times the initial bet amount.

How to Play 3 Patti War Game

The charm of 3 Patti War lies in its simplicity:

How to Play 3 Patti War on Teen Patti Master

1. Group Selection: Make a pivotal decision by selecting the group you deem most likely to trump the dealer.

2. Place Your Bet: With betting options ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 10,000 and beyond, choose an amount that aligns with your confidence.

3. 10-Second Countdown: Race against time as you finalize your bet within a 10-second window. Once the countdown expires, anticipation fills the air as you await the results.

Tips and Tricks to Win 3 Patti War Game

Maximize your chances of success with these strategic tips:

Strategic Betting:

Leverage the game’s mechanics by spreading your bets across two different groups, thus increasing the odds of outperforming the dealer.

Responsible Gaming:

Engage in a responsible and controlled manner, adhering to predetermined limits to ensure a positive gaming experience.

User Experience:

Immerse yourself in a nostalgia-laden ambiance reminiscent of the 80s, where the casino table becomes your battlefield for fortune. The classic design elements transport you to an era of timeless entertainment and unadulterated excitement.


3 Patti War is more than a game; it’s an expedition into the realm of strategic decisions, calculated risks, and potential rewards. As the curtain rises and the cards are revealed, feel the adrenaline surge through your veins. With the allure of real money gaming and the allure of nostalgia, 3 Patti War stands as a testament to the evolution of casino gaming, promising an unforgettable experience with every bet placed.

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