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How To Play Baccarat AB on Teen Patti Master

Introducing Baccarat AB, the enhanced version of the beloved Andar Bahar game, now available on Teen Patti Master apk. Play exciting casino game that offers the promise of real money earnings. With its suspense and thrill, Baccarat AB captures the hearts of Indian gamers, offering an upgraded gaming experience that appeals to the love for suspense that lies within us all.

Rules of Playing Baccarat AB on Teen Patti Master

Intrigue and excitement define the rules of Baccarat AB, designed to keep players at the edge of their seats:

Rules of Playing Baccarat AB on Teen Patti Master

Andar and Bahar Groups:

Similar to its predecessor, Baccarat AB is centered around two groups—Andar and Bahar. You must predict which group will match the Joker card first.

Select the Joker Appearance:

Before the game kicks off, you must make a key decision—specify how many cards will be drawn before the Joker card makes its appearance, either in the Andar or Bahar group.

Unveiling the Joker:

The dealer draws the Joker card from the deck, setting the stage for the game. As bets are placed on either Andar or Bahar, the dealer proceeds to draw cards and place them in the respective groups. The group that matches the Joker card first claims victory.


Successful predictions yield impressive payouts. An Andar match offers a reward of 1.9x, while Bahar grants an even more enticing 2.0x payout. If you take the bold step of predicting when the Joker card will appear, you unlock the potential for even greater rewards.

How to Play Baccarat AB on Teen Patti Master?

Engaging with Baccarat AB is a straightforward process that seamlessly blends strategy with anticipation:

Group Selection:

Choose between Andar and Bahar—your prediction of which group will align with the Joker card first.

Predict the Appearance:

Take your predictions to the next level by determining how many drawn cards will precede the appearance of the elusive Joker card.

For example, if the Joker card is revealed as the Ace of Spades, the dealer will commence drawing cards for both Andar and Bahar groups. If an Ace of Hearts, Clubs, or Diamonds appears before any other Ace, your prediction is validated. Suppose this takes eight drawn cards. If you had predicted a range of 6 to 10, your prediction proves accurate.

Tips and Tricks to Win Baccarat AB Game

While Baccarat AB embraces the thrill of a casino game, employing probability and strategy can enhance your chances:

  • Initial Advantage: Acknowledge that Andar carries a slight advantage due to the first card being dealt in this group. Capitalize on this knowledge when placing your bets.
  • Predicting Appearance: Be judicious while selecting the range for the appearance of the Joker card. Opt for a range within 15 cards drawn, considering that any card can materialize within this span.

User Experience

Baccarat AB transcends the digital realm, enveloping players in a world of genuine suspense and excitement—a virtual casino experience like no other. The palpable tension, combined with the allure of real money earnings, creates a gaming journey that mirrors the sensations of a traditional casino.


Baccarat AB beckons you to delve into its suspense-laden realm, offering the perfect blend of strategic decisions and nerve-racking anticipation. As the dealer unveils cards and the Joker’s fate unfolds, you’re transported to a world of high-stakes gaming that rewards both intuition and intellect.

With its exhilarating gameplay and the opportunity to win real money, Baccarat AB stands as a testament to the evolution of casino gaming, promising players an unforgettable experience with each bet placed.

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