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How To Play Cricket Heroes On Teen Patti Master

Play “Cricket Heroes,” the latest sensation on Teen Patti Master APK that promises not only a thrilling gaming experience but also the grandest slot prizes ever seen. Dive into the action with 11 iconic cricket-themed symbols that populate the reels, and embrace the exhilaration of chasing the legendary jackpot. Get ready to embark on a cricketing journey like no other!

Rules of Playing Cricket Heroes On Teen Patti Master

For a rewarding experience in Cricket Heroes, acquaint yourself with the fundamental rules:

Rules of Playing Cricket Heroes On Teen Patti Master

Symbol Triumph:

Your path to victory lies in forming winning combinations across pay lines. Align symbols from the first row to the third to secure a win, and watch your rewards multiply if they stretch to the fourth or fifth rows.

Wild Wins:

The WILD symbol is your versatile ally, capable of substituting for any other symbol except FREE and JACKPOT, paving the way for enhanced winning opportunities.

Jackpot Triumph:

The renowned CRICKET HEROES symbol is your ticket to the jackpot realm. Land three or more of these icons in a line to unlock the exhilarating potential of the Minor, Major, or Grand Jackpot, offering percentages from 2% to 40% of the total jackpot pool.

How to Play Cricket Heroes On Teen Patti Master

Immerse yourself in the world of Cricket Heroes with the following steps:

  • Choose Your Wager: Select your betting amount, with options spanning from Rs. 9 to Rs. 3,600. Your chosen stake forms the foundation for your potential winnings.
  • Spin the Reels: Begin the action-packed gameplay by hitting the spin button. Watch as the three rows and five columns come to life with cricket-themed symbols, each contributing to the unfolding narrative of triumph.
  • Chase the Jackpot: Keep an eye out for the coveted CRICKET HEROES symbol, the key to unlocking the jackpot. Landing this symbol three times or more in a line sets you on the path to major winnings.

Tips and Tricks to Win Cricket Heroes Game

Elevate your Cricket Heroes experience with these strategic insights:

1. Strategize your Bet: Tailor your betting amount to your comfort zone and risk appetite. By setting a deliberate budget, you ensure a sustainable gaming session.

2. Embrace Responsible Play: In the pursuit of cricketing glory, always play responsibly and adhere to preset limits. The immersive gameplay experience is best enjoyed within a controlled gaming environment.

User Experience

Prepare to be captivated by the immersive cricket-themed ambiance that Cricket Heroes offers. The game design, replete with cricketing symbols and vibrant visuals, transports players to the heart of the pitch. With each spin, you’re embarking on a cricketing adventure unlike any other.

How To Play Cricket Heroes On Teen Patti Master


Cricket Heroes on Teen Patti Master invites you to don the mantle of a cricket champion and chase riches beyond your imagination. As you spin the reels adorned with cricketing icons, the promise of substantial prizes and jackpot triumphs awaits. Dive into the world of cricket-themed excitement, but always remember to play responsibly.

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