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Taurus Cash App Guide: Mentorship for Rs. 3,00,000/month Earnings

What is Taurus Cash App?

Taurus Pvt Ltd, operating under the moniker “Cash App,” presents a range of apk offerings, including Teen Patti Master, Teen Patti Gold, and Slots Metan. These apps encompass online mobile casino and card gaming, along with real money slot machines, featuring enticing bonuses like Rs. 1500, Rs. 118, and Rs. 18, respectively.

The Taurus app introduces tasks for users to complete, each accompanied by its unique reward. Upon task completion, rewards are promptly credited to your Taurus wallet balance. Discover how to download the genuine Taurus app and pave your way to earning up to Rs. 3,00,000 per month with the guidance of mentors like officialteenpatti.com.

Download Taurus Cash App Now
What is Taurus Cash App?

How to Download the Taurus Cash App?

Downloading the Taurus Cash App with these simple steps:

  1. Open Your Web Browser:
    • Launch your preferred web browser, such as Chrome, Bing, or Mozilla.
  2. Visit officialteenpatti.com:
    • Head to officialteenpatti.com, the trusted source for the authentic Taurus Cash App.
  3. Unlock Exclusive Benefits:
    • Alongside the app download, become an affiliate through the officialteenpatti.com mentorship program. Unlock the potential to earn lakhs per month.
  4. Locate Taurus Cash App:
    • On the official Teen Patti website, navigate to the header section, where you’ll find the Taurus Cash App.
  5. Read Instructions and Download:
    • Peruse the provided instructions and click on the download button. The app, sized at 15 MB, will be saved in your browser’s downloads tab.
  6. Access Your Downloads Tab:
    • Open the downloads tab of your browser to locate the downloaded Taurus Cash App.
  7. Install the App:
    • Click on the app in the downloads tab, then proceed to click “Install.”

By following these steps, you’ll successfully install the Taurus Cash App, setting the stage for an exciting journey of gaming and potential earnings.

Now let’s us understand the Taurus Cash App.

  How to Download the Taurus Cash App?
Download Taurus Cash App Now

Tour of the Taurus Cash App: Beginning  Your Mentorship Journey

Embark on an immersive tour of the Taurus Cash App, kickstarting your mentorship journey:

  1. Installation Initiates Mentorship:
    • Upon successfully installing the Taurus Cash App on your mobile, your mentorship program commences.
  2. Sign Up with Mobile Number:
    • Begin your journey by signing up within the Taurus Cash App, using your mobile number as your unique identifier.
  3. First Task: Teen Patti Master Installation:
    • Your initial task is to install the renowned game “Teen Patti Master.” Follow the instructions provided to download the game seamlessly.
  4. Mentorship Focus: Promoting Apk’s:
    • As a mentee in the program, your primary objective revolves around promoting the Teen Patti Master and Teen Patti Gold apks.
  5. Teen Patti Master Sign-Up and Exploration:
    • After successfully installing the Teen Patti Master apk, sign up using your mobile number. Explore the app’s features, and for comprehensive insights, refer to https://www.officialteenpatti.com/official-teen-patti-master-download/.
  6. Instant Wallet Boost: Task Completion Reward:
    • Upon accomplishing your first task, experience the excitement of witnessing instant additions to your Taurus wallet balance.
  7. Repeat for Teen Patti Gold:
    • Extend your journey by replicating the process for the Teen Patti Gold game.

Engage with the Taurus Cash App’s mentorship program, where each task completed brings you closer to earning opportunities and discovering the world of real money gaming.

The next part of your journey as an affiliate will be to learn how to earn money using the Taurus Cash App.

Tour of the Taurus Cash App: Beginning  Your Mentorship Journey

How to Start Earning in the Taurus Cash App

Having completed the preceding steps, you’re now poised to initiate your earning journey. Follow these directives to embark on your Taurus Cash App income endeavor:

  1. Navigating to Teen Patti Master App:
    • Launch the Teen Patti Master app, previously installed on your device. Within the app, head to the “Refer and Earn” section.
  2. Retrieve Your Referral Link:
    • In the “Refer and Earn” segment of the Teen Patti Master apk, locate and copy your unique referral link. Save it in Excel or Word for easy access.
  3. Harness the Power of Referrals:
    • Your key task involves inviting individuals to download the Teen Patti Master app using your referral link. Each successful invitation rewards you with a Rs. 20 invitation bonus. Additionally, if your referrals make in-app recharges, you earn commissions based on your affiliate level.
  4. Utilize Social Media Platforms:
    • Employ various social media avenues to expand your network of referrals:
      • WhatsApp: Share your referral link with your contacts and groups. Join larger groups to increase your referral reach.
      • Facebook: Create a dedicated page to elucidate the game, post regular updates, and link it to your personal account. Share your referral link across your friend circle and within relevant groups.
      • Instagram: Leverage Instagram by sharing the referral link in stories, posts, and reels to engage a broader audience.

By implementing these strategies, you’ll progress to Level 3 in the Taurus Cash App and attain the coveted Silver Level in the Teen Patti Master apk. Seize the potential for earnings and affiliations, enhancing your journey within the Taurus Cash App ecosystem.

How to Start Earning in the Taurus Cash App

By doing this you will start earning some pretty huge amount. Remember your target should be to share your referral link as much as possible in all the social media platforms.

If you don’t understand anything or have any sort of doubts or want to enroll in the mentorship via email. Go to the Contact Us page in the officialteenpatti.com and put your application their.

This was the first part of your mentorship program. Continue with the second part of the taurus mentorship program also as the advanced mentorship program. Click below to continue your journey.

Advanced Strategies for Promoting Taurus Cash App: Part II of Mentorship Program

Download Taurus Cash App Now

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