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How To Play And Win Fishing War on Teen Patti Master

Play Fishing War, a game that seamlessly merges the thrill of shooting with an aquatic realm filled with enchanting sea creatures and mythical characters. If the idea of wielding a virtual turret to capture diverse marine inhabitants appeals to you, then Fishing War on Teen Patti Master is your ultimate destination. Prepare to unleash your shooting skills while reaping financial rewards and immersing yourself in an oceanic universe brimming with excitement.

Rules of Playing Fishing War on Teen Patti Master

Fishing War redefines gaming by blending shooting mechanics with underwater exploration, allowing players to profit while engaging in captivating gameplay:

Rules of Playing Fishing War on Teen Patti Master

Turret Mastery

Your trusty virtual gun, known as the turret, is your tool for victory. Adjust your bet to enhance your turret’s power, enabling you to conquer a variety of aquatic creatures.

Profit from Capture

As you successfully target and eliminate marine life, your earnings accumulate. The payout is determined by the Boot amount multiplied by the Fish multiple.

Varied Payouts

The size of the captured fish dictates your reward, with smaller fish yielding a 2x payout. As you tackle more formidable sea dwellers, such as sharks and whales, your potential earnings increase significantly, reaching up to a whopping 300x multiplier.

Intriguing Selection

Encounter a diverse range of aquatic inhabitants, including goldfish, crabs, turtles, jellyfish, octopuses, stingrays, sharks, whales, and prawns. Unlock access to Poseidon’s Treasure, which introduces mythical characters and culminates in a final showdown against the formidable Crab King.

How to Play Fishing War Game on Teen Patti Master

Embark on an underwater odyssey with these exciting levels of Fishing War gameplay:

  • Sunshine Sea: Begin your journey in this zone where smaller fish reign supreme, offering relatively modest but impactful rewards.
  • Deep Sea Exploration: Progress to deeper waters where larger and more challenging fish await. The potential for greater rewards awaits those who conquer these marine giants.
  • Poseidon’s Treasure: Ascend to the highest tier, where legendary beings and the formidable Crab King lie in wait. The rewards here are the most lucrative, justifying the challenge.
  • Practice Table: Before venturing into the depths, hone your skills and strategies at the practice table, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the captivating adventure ahead.

The gameplay involves tapping the screen to target and eliminate the marine life. Your bet determines the strength of your turret’s shots. Upgrade your turret during the game to tackle larger fish with precision, and take advantage of the auto-fire option for a seamless experience.

Tips and Tricks to Win Fishing War Game on Teen Patti Master

Maximize your success in Fishing War with these strategic insights:

  • Swift Tapping: Quick reflexes are essential. Tapping the screen rapidly and accurately is crucial for achieving victory.
  • Dual Turret Strategy: Utilize more than one turret for optimal performance. Employ manual control for precise targeting while setting another turret on auto-fire mode to enhance efficiency.
  • Gradual Progression: Start with the practice table to familiarize yourself with the mechanics. Gradually advance to higher levels as you gain confidence and skill.

User Experience

Fishing War caters to enthusiasts of both shooting games and aquatic themes, providing an immersive experience that transports players to an enchanting underwater world. The fusion of shooting mechanics with marine life makes for a thrilling and unforgettable gaming adventure.


Embark on an aquatic expedition like no other with Fishing War on Teen Patti Master. Engage in a captivating blend of shooting and strategic gameplay, all while exploring the depths of a vibrant underwater realm. With the promise of financial rewards and the thrill of conquering a diverse array of sea creatures, Fishing War invites players to embrace the challenge, master the turret, and emerge victorious in an oceanic quest of entertainment and excitement.

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